Xinjiang Hetian Comprehensive Urban Development

Hetian, Xinjiang Province, P.R. China

Asian Development Bank through Urbanlogic
Hetian, Xinjiang Province, P.R. China
11.76 ha

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned by Urbanlogic to support the Urban Upgrading / Development Specialist for the Asian Development Bank’s TA-9141 PRC: Xinjiang Hetian Comprehensive Urban Development and Environmental Improvement – Project Design and Due Diligence Project Preparation Technical Assistance (PPTA).

The Project focuses on Tuancheng District Phase 3 (11.76 ha), and involves in-situ property upgrading through the demolition and reconstruction of substandard houses and improvements to the public realm and the associated utilities infrastructure. The Project adopts an integrated planning approach to urban regeneration in the context of a comprehensive and integrated Master Plan and Investment Strategy supported by the Asian Development Bank.

Upon implementation, this will result in: better living standards and environmental quality for the local community; a minimisation of community disruption and permanent resettlement by ensuring local resettlement options are available for all the Affected Households; and opportunities for investment and employment by the local community. Throughout the process, stakeholder opinions were respected to ensure incorporation of local community needs and aspirations.

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