Ganzhou Old Urban Area Development Plan

Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, PRC

Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, PRC
Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, PRC
Urban & Regional Planning

Project Description

Based on the City’s history and the urban morphology of the Region, TOWNLAND, in association with Wong Tung & Partners Ltd prepared a Conceptual Strategic Plan, Spatial Development Strategy, Tourism Framework and Transport Strategy for Ganzhou City up to 2034.

Proposals for the riverbanks (75 km in length) included a tourism park, old-city viewpoints, entertainment amenities, scenic water ‘life-fire’ lights for evening entertainment, hilltop hotel development and water recreation.

The Project also includes a Ganzhou City Wall Renewal Programme which aims to revitalise Ganzhou Old District through the formulation of detailed urban design guidelines for development along the City Wall and Hongqi Avenue, the prime commercial area in the City.

The renewal programme recommends the removal of the dilapidated inner-city quarters; provision of sizeable green spaces alongside the old City Wall; and provision of an alternative property re-development site which would offer incentives for the renewal/revitalisation of the inner-city area.

In addition, a new urban image for Hongqi Avenue which is the prime commercial and ceremonial avenue in Ganzhou City is proposed. Urban Design Guidelines were formulated to create trendy and pedestrian-friendly spaces. Detailed landscaping and streetscaping are also proposed. In particular, street furniture with ‘Long March’ themes is added to embellish the avenue and create an appeal for visiting tourists.

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