Huaming New Home Residential Area

Tianjing City, Tianjin Province, PRC

Tianjin Anju Office, Tianjin Planning Bureau
Tianjing City, Tianjin Province, PRC
427 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

The Urban Design Concept for the “Huaming New Home” Residential Neighbourhood (45 ha) is inspired by its location at the outskirts of the modern urban conglomeration of Tianjin, close to traditional countryside developments. A Village atmosphere is introduced with a system of identifiable small neighbourhoods and an emphasis on the human scale and carefully designed public spaces. For example, all car park facilities are kept out of sight by covering them with communal gardens for the residents to enjoy. The alternating concentric and rectangular layers of densely built space and open green space reflect the traditional Chinese Elements of the “Round Sky and Square Land”. Two previously planned Main Roads running through the Central Core Area of the Site are partially covered by a raised Shopping Centre and Central Plaza. In this way the negative impact of these main thoroughfares bisecting the Site is mitigated, whilst creating a pedestrian only Commercial Centre and Public Plaza at the heart of the Neighbourhood.

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