Anaamaya Resort Bali

Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

PT. Anaamaya International
Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
30 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

TOWNLAND, in collaboration with Fleur De Lis Architects was commissioned by PT. Anaamaya International to prepare a Conceptual Master Layout Plan for a Project to develop and transform 30 ha of land within Sanur, Bali into a World Class Tourism Destination Resort.

Anaamaya Liveable Resorts adopts a “10 in 1” Resort concept which includes: (1) Resort Villas; (2) Condotel; (3) Children’s World; (4) Sports Club; (5) Cultural Centre; (6) Convention & Exhibition Centre; (7) Shopping Arcade; (8) Boutique Condotel; (9) Pleasure & Leisure Centre; and (10) Beach Club.

The concept of sustainable development is an important consideration by Anaamaya. This “10 in 1” Resort Destination will bring long-term gains to the local culture, economy and environment of Sanur, Bali.

Anaamaya Liveable Resorts is supporting a Destination Management Development Programme whereby tourism destinations contain a variety of uses in one Region. This is consistent with current Global trends in the tourism industry and will help in competing with the tourism business of South-East Asia by developing innovative and attractive facilities to appeal to a wider share of the tourism market.

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