Jaipur Mixed Used Development

Jaipur, India

KGK Realty Pvt Ltd
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
8.4 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

TOWNLAND was appointed to Master Plan a one-of-a-kind Mixed Use Development near the international airport in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The unique blend of high end retail, entertainment, hospitality and luxury apartments was translated into a coherent and unique approach to the developments’ Urban Design, Landscape and Architectural Design. The Project is planned as not just a series of individual buildings but as a cohesive and integrated ‘Urban Building Complex’ with a vertical mixture of uses and a strong network of Pedestrian Friendly open spaces.

From the Site’s three street frontages in the North, South and East, wide Pedestrian Only streets lead the visitor to an oval shaped Indoor-Outdoor Mall at the centre of the Site with 8 floors of apartments above. At the middle portion of the Mall, outdoor walkways are carved out of the building volume over 3 levels as a Canyon, leaving an oval shaped volume, as a unique pavilion at the heart of the Mall.

The Urban Design focuses is on creating an environment that balances the requirements to thrive as both a high end commercial and a luxury residential environment. The buildings and pedestrian only open spaces will be integrated as much as possible, to benefit from each-others proximity with easy, safe and comfortable connections. Separation is provided where required, from exclusive vehicular and pedestrian access into apartments and separate car parking floors, to maximum privacy for the apartments’ outdoor podium gardens, sheltered from the general public.

Car parking will be taken care of only underground. This allows for the ground floor, first and second floor to be used exclusively for retail, offices and all other types of commercial activity. The street fronts will be transparent and provide many entry and exit points into the shops, and lobbies into the offices and apartment towers to allow for a vibrant High Street environment to be created throughout the Site.

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