Affordable Housing Master Planning Competition


Shelter Global

Project Description

TOWNLAND participated in the Planning Competition organized by Shelter Global to create a sustainable alternative for the current Low Income Housing Typologies.

Due to constraints in finances, poor planning and / or lack of a broader vision, most Affordable Housing Projects tend to become cookie cutter developments that leave much to be desired when it comes to the lifestyle quality it provides for its residents. The anonymity and the un-safety of the often uncared for built and un-built spaces and the lost opportunities to combine the care for one’s (extended) family with the provision for one’s livelihood are some of the important social aspects that are often ignored when it comes to housing poor migrants or resettlement projects for slums dwellers.

TOWNLAND’s competition entry “Bespoke! A Smart Fit for Everyone” aligns the Efficiency required to make Affordable housing projects viable for developers, with the Flexibility to suit the different spatial demands of its divergent population. By allowing its residents to make their own mark on how their home and neighborhood looks, feels and works a strong sense of Community and Identity is guaranteed. This sense of ownership among the residents is crucial to keep in mind when the goal is to create low income residential areas that can provide safe, comfortable and enjoyable living communities for not only the short but also the long term.

The residents are encouraged to make their mark on their house and their neighborhood: each home layout can be customized to the owner’s wishes. The shared open spaces are a blank canvas that can be used as the residents of the surrounding building blocks want. They will get organizational, technical support from the builder/authorities – but the execution and maintenance is up to the residents themselves.

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