Citragrand Kendari Urban Centre

Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

PT. Ciputra Abdi Persada (Ciputra Group)
Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia
60 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

Ciputra Group, a leading Developer in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, commissioned TOWNLAND to develop a Conceptual Master Plan for CitraGrand Kendari. The Development is located in a rapidly growing area which is predicted to become one of the new Urban Centres in Sulawesi.

The Development is planned as a new modern and sustainable Urban Centre with three main activities; a Central Business District astthe heart of the Development and featuring Mixed Use, Office and Cultural facilities focused around a Central Park; Warehousing and Storage facilities to support the Development of mining businesses in Southeast Sulawesi, and high quality Residential Development designed in mega clusters providing comfortable, livable and safe areas to live.

Various community facilities are also provided including a Hospital, a Modern Market, an International School and religious facilities.

An emphasis was placed on establishing a “Green City” concept at CitraGrand Kendari in the form of a network of Bicycle Lanes and high quality Public Open Spaces for public activity and mobility.

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