Zembra Coast Integrated Resort

East of Tunis, Tunisia

Legend Development Company Limited
East of Tunis, Tunisia
1,500 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

Leading a multi-disciplinary Team and acting as Master Planner on the Project, TOWNLAND was commissioned to prepare a Conceptual Master Plan for a mixed use tourism development within Tunisia. The Project consisted of two sites, with one comprising an area of around 1,500 ha of Zembra coastline on the mainland to the west of Sidi Daoud, while the other comprises 80 ha of land on a portion of Zembra Island to the east of Tunis. Both the Zembra Coast and Zembra Island Sites are envisaged to become premier tourism destinations that will complement each other, as well as support other developing tourism destinations within Tunisia.

The Zembra Coast Integrated Resort will provide visitors with a host of facilities that will appeal to international tourists. Such facilities will include a Chinese themed Cultural Park, a Marine Village with Iconic Landmark Towers that will frame and act as a Gateway to the neighbouring Zembra Island, and a set of 5 and 6 Star Beach Resort Hotels along the coastline. The Development will also feature themed Hotels, such as a luxury Desert and Tented Camping area, a Ranch Hotel, a seaside Greek and Mediterranean Hotel and a Chinese-themed Canal Hotel. Three Signature 18-hole Championship Golf Courses will be an important draw to the Development and will be surrounded by an array of private Golf Course Villa Estates. Themed entertainment uses such as an Aquatic Theme Park, a small Amusement Park for children and a high end luxury Casino, will provide the Resort with recreational uses for all ages.

Overall, TOWNLAND’s objective for Zembra Coast is to generate a unique and integrated landmark Resort Development that will raise the bar and transform Tunisia into the next tourism hub of the Mediterranean.

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