Taman Dayu Mixed Use Development

Taman Dayu, East Java, Indonesia

PT. Ciputra Development Tbk
Taman Dayu, East Java, Indonesia
29 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

After successfully completing a large part of the Taman Dayu Residential and Golf Resort Complex, (including Taman Dayu CBD, a Golf Course, a Hotel, a Waterpark and several Residential Clusters) Ciputra Tbk. is planning to further complement the existing Township by developing the land adjacent to its Entrance Boulevard, and appointed TOWNLAND to prepare a Preliminary Conceptual Master Plan and a Vision for its development.

The Vision for the Boulevard capitalizes on the excellent connectivity of the Site, its high quality existing tree stock of Samanea Saman (rain trees) and illustrates the development of a “Street of the World’ – capturing and furthering existing themes of the Taman Dayu CBD (Little Shanghai and Persia). The Development provides an Integrated Destination that offers highly Themed Food and Beverage (F&B), Retail and Tourism products that will further the Taman Dayu Development’s regional and national positioning as a benchmark project.

The Final Preliminary Conceptual Master Plan allocates ten plots within 9.6 ha of developable land, including a Clinic Centre (0.37 ha), Little Venice F&B Cluster (1.15 ha), Gardens of Asia (1.12 ha) with a unique Aviary as an anchor attraction, River & Bird Nest Dining (0.54 ha), a Lifestyle Centre & Boutique Hotel (1.48 ha), a Specialty Restaurant (0.88 ha), a Condotel (1.43 ha), a Wellness Facility (1.14 ha), an Elderly Centre (0.92 ha), and a Beauty Clinic (0.66 ha).

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