Vasaka City Township Development

Sukawangi, West Java, Indonesia

PT Waskita Modern Realti
Sukawangi, Bekasi Regency, West Java
630 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

PT Waskita Modern Realti plans to develop a ±630 ha Site in Sukawangi, Bekasi Regency, West Java into an Integrated Township based on a Smart City concept that creates a high quality and liveable environment. TOWNLAND was appointed to develop the Conceptual Master Plan and envisions the Integrated and Smart Development as ‘Vasaka City, Celebrating a Vibrant, Sustainable and Liveable Urban Oasis’.

The proposed Conceptual Master Plan facilitates Smart City Development by the provision of ample space for utility corridors to implement Smart Technologies in future. The Spatial Planning for the site is further characterized by an integrated green and blue network that not only provides high quality outdoor environment for future residents, but also provides space for an integrated storm water management system to address potential impact of climate change and ensure development resilience.  The integrated green network links the various residential neighbourhoods and supporting facilities with the central urban park, and a total of xxkm of jogging track and xxkm of dedicated bicycle lanes are provided in the Conceptual Master Plan.

Besides the range of residential typologies, Vasaka City provides various development products that will support future residents of the Site, as well as the wider community, to live-work-and-play. Major commercial and mixed-use areas are mostly concentrated in the Central Lake CBD District and along the main road, while supporting public facilities are spread equally throughout the Development, and located next to or near the public open space network to promote pedestrian and bicycle activity.  This Development will be a new sustainable urban oasis in Bekasi, providing a new Destination and Entertainment Area as well as a high quality living environment for future generations.

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