Sanctuary Collection

Sentul, West Java, Indonesia

PT. Bhakti Bangun Harmoni (JO Perennial Real Estate Singapore, Cipta Harmoni Lestari and Qingjian Realty (South Pacific))
Sentul, West Java, Indonesia
24.5 ha & 1.6 ha
Landscape Architecture
IP660 & IP660/3

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned to prepare Full Service Landscape Design for Sanctuary Sentul,  a new development located in Bogor, a mountainous region in West Java. The 24.5 ha Site features a large river crossing from west to east, and a smaller stream flowing from north to south. Many public amenities including a hospital, an educational institution and entertainment facilities are located near to the Site, as well as various natural attractions including  hot springs and a pine forest. With the upcoming Light Rail Transit that is expected to be operational by 2020, the Sentul area will become a strong option for those who seek a residence with fresh mountain air, yet with good accessibility to the city centre of Jakarta.

Mountains and rivers are the two most important assets around the Site. The landscape design concept focuses on bringing these two natural elements into the Site. Water bodies are created as prominent features in the landscape design and a “Mountain Resort Theme” has been selected as the overall landscape theme for the Development.  Adopting the “Mountain Resort Theme”, the R1 Cluster (4.2 ha) features natural stone, wood and earth coloured materials in the hard landscape finishing elements. Ferrns and conifers predominate the planting palette. Upon entering the R1 Cluster, Residents will be welcomed by a Clubhouse building and a roundabout featuring iconic trees and stone features. The R1 Cluster also features a BBQ Corner and a Herb Garden, a Serenity Corner, a Rain Garden and two different Outdoor Gyms catering to both youth and seniors. The Clubhouse features a half-olympic size swimming pool and a kid’s pool with a spacious play area next to it.

Following the success of the first launched residential cluster – the Tanglin Parc, TOWNLAND was re-appointed as the Landscape Consultant for the Main Clubhouse and the Newton Springs Residential Cluster at the Sanctuary Collection, a premium Residential Township in Sentul, Bogor, West Java.

The landscape design strategy is derived from the tagline “closer to nature” which seeks to create a perfect harmony between the surrounding natural beauty of the highland area surrounding the Project and the landscaped areas inside the residential cluster, so that the proposed landscape design is in harmony with its immediate environment, including the river and the mountains.

Most of the hard landscape elements proposed are inspired by the diverse shapes and movement of the water. Finishing materials with a natural look are specified to blend with surrounding nature and the soft landscape elements focus on highland plants to enhance the image of a mountain resort.

A wide range of facilities catering to diverse age groups is proposed adjacent to the riverfront, including an Olympic Infinity Pool, a 750 meter jogging track, a riverside deck and seating nets and an outdoor gym.

A Community Hub adjacent to the Clubhouse is accessed via a dedicated Pedestrian Bridge, wherein more diverse facilities are provided including a multipurpose court, BBQ facilities, a playground, a picnic lawn and bonfire area, outdoor lounging areas and an amphitheatre.

TOWNLAND prepared full service of the Conceptual Lanscape Design, Schematic Landscape Design, Landscape Design Development, Landscape Design Tender Drawings and Implementation Specification, and Periodic Site Inspections and Reporting and Design Coordination During the Landscape Construction Period for the Project.

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