Regeneration of the Kedayan River

Brunei Darussalam

Department of Drainage and Sewerage,
Ministry of Public Works
Brunei Darussalam
8.2 ha
Landscape Architecture

Project Description

TOWNLAND was appointed to undertake Comprehensive Landscape Design for a Tender Submission in relation to the Regeneration of 8.2 Hectares of land on the Kedayan River in Brunei Darussalam.

Located in the heart of Brunei’s capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, Sg. Kedayan Eco-Corridor project comprises of the revitalization of Kg. Ayer Zone A, which stretches as the 1.2 km waterfront park and promenade from the river mouth of Sg. Kedayan to the Edinburgh Bridge, and links the 2 important landmarks of the city: the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque (SOAS Mosque) and the Darussalam Palace. The park is currently known as the Taman Mahkota Jubli Emas in commemoration of the 50 years coronation of the His Majesty, the Sultan of Brunei. It is envisioned to showcase the Brunei Heritage, which incorporated the national value of Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB) through the local practices, the Islamic way of life, and the devotion of the people to the Monarchy.

The design incorporates the ACE concept of Active Lifestyle, Connectivity, and Environmental & Economic Stability. The Active Lifestyle is represented by the provision of diverse modern outdoor facilities such as playground, cycling lanes, jogging track and outdoor gyms; while Connectivity is achieved through the construction of the SOAS bridge, conducive pathway and jetties that provides better linkage to the Site by either land or river. It in return results in generating Environmental stability and economic viability for the Site. The park becomes one of the nation’s most significant project reflecting the Brunei’s cultural legacy to the rest of the world through the following 5 Key Areas:

The Grand Entrance next to the SOAS mosque is exclusively designed for the royal procession ceremony of His Majesty, with its distinct royal patterns and features. The main feature along the road is the linear fountain, which serves as the royal entrance statement together with rows of Copernicia alba at both side of the road. Approaching to the heart of the development, where the Park is situated, formal arrangement of 3 rows of Terminalia mantally and colorful species of Cassia fistula are planted to provide graceful ambience. Together it creates a sophisticated yet elegant composition along the corridor.

The Park (Taman Mahkota Jubli Emas) – Amplifying the vista from the renowned SOAS Mosque to the unique SOAS Bridge, the Park will be the main public open space. It is particularly planned to promote the national phrase of Brunei Darussalam as the “Dzikir Nation” or “Negara Zikir”. It reflects conceptually the importance of time or “Demi Masa” through the ages by expressing righteous deeds. Along the elevated pathway next to the great grand lawn at the perimeter of the park, people shall be reminded to reflect the mutual teaching of truth, and of patience and constancy through the placement of 5 special feature displaying the information regarding the 5 times of Salat. The two water walls on both side of the park provide dramatic ambience song of water. Together with series of colorful illuminated sphere, flower beds embroidered with distinguished Baobab Trees, Jacaranda mimosifolia, Lagestromia floribunda and Cassia grandis creates vibrant and dynamic environment for the whole park.

The Riverfront Promenade is designed to be a conducive waterfront promenade with 8m wide pedestrian and bike lane. It is featuring different amenities for sport and leisure activities, as well as other form of outdoor pursuits directly next to the water body. Dedicated track for walkers, joggers and cyclists offers fresh air along the riverside, enriched by varied of unique planting like the colorful Rainbow Gum. This state-of-the-art promenade makes it as an ideal and pleasurable place to wander and rejuvenate, while at the same time creates spaces that support an everyday-lifestyle-destination in itself. It is accessible to all, especially families with young children, older residences and those seeking extraordinary approach to the distinctive experiences along the riverfront area.

The SOAS Bridge serves as the masterpiece of the new development that symbolizes connectivity between the past – present – futures of the Great Brunei, as well as the connectivity from one place to another. Noble Islamic character is perfectly blended with the garden ambience to create the new city landmark. The bridge with its illuminated Grand Crescent not only acts as the iconic feature for the Site but moreover it represents the spatial journey in itself where ones can stroll along and perceive the beauty of the Kedayan river from the two attached piers on both end of the bridge.

The Darussalam Jetty serves as the royal entrance from the river towards the gateway of the Darussalam Palace. It is the heritage area to exhibit and commemorate the history of Darussalam Palace as one of the important landmark of the city, where the history of the Monarchy once took place.

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