Route De Peches Coastal Development

Cotonou, Benin, West Africa

Legend Development Company Limited
Cotonou, Benin, West Africa
3,589 ha
Urban & Regional Planning, Master Planning

Project Description

TOWNLAND developed a Conceptual Master Layout Plan for a World Class comprehensive mixed-use / tourism resort destination on a Site of 3,589 ha referred to as the ‘Route de Peches’, comprising a large stretch of coastal area near Cotonou in Benin, West Africa. This Project is the result of the Government of Benin’s desire to develop and invest in the tourism sector as a key pillar of its economic development strategy. Based on the concepts of leisure, culture, local industries and nature, the Project will create a new standard of Tourism for Benin through the introduction of a diverse range of land uses.

At the ‘heart’ of the Route des Peches development will be the Coastal Town Centre in Avlekete. At the centre of this Zone will be the Marina Village, a lively, mixed use township incorporating the ocean water into its design. The Village will be a 24/7 Destination filled with shops and restaurants, hotels, a casino, a marina and residential apartment developments. An Institutional Precinct will provide medical, business, community and educational facilities, including a Hotel Training School which will enable local residents to learn the skills to gain better access to employment opportunities along the Route des Peches. The growing relations between China and Africa will be highlighted in the Chinese Cultural Village, which will provide an important insight into the cultural, business and technological know-how of China. The Benin-China Economic Cooperation Park will provide opportunities to showcase and facilitate the exchange of ideas in technology, trade and business between the Chinese and the People of Benin. Tourists will be able to experience a Chinese-Themed Canal Hotel on the Coast of Africa, or choose from one of numerous resort hotels in the Beachfront Resort Precinct. Longer-term vacation rentals and property purchases will also be available within the Coastal Town Centre Zone.

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