Warehouse Residential and Commercial Estate

Benowo,Surabaya, Indonesia

PT. Mitra Karya Multiguna
Benowo,Surabaya, Indonesia
260 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

The Greater Surabaya area is one of Indonesia’s most prominent economic development zones with a substantial demand for modern industrial and warehouse estates to International standards. This opportunity has brought Sinarmas Land – a leading Developer with the largest land bank in Southeast Asia – to develop a well-designed warehouse and commercial estate in a very strategic area in Benowo. Earmarked as Sinarmas’ prime new warehouse estate, the Site is highly accessible and visible from the existing Surabaya Gresik Toll Road and future Western Outer Ring Road, which both serve as prominent regional connectors of economic activities in East Java and beyond. Moreover, the Site’s vicinity to well-known existing warehouse estates (Bumi Maspion and Margomulyo) and the future TelukLamong Industrial Port adds to the Development’s strategic value and potential, making it a key Sinarmas investment with a high quality proposed to maximize investment opportunities.

The strategic approach is to capitalize on the demand from International investors and manufacturers for ‘smart and green’ warehouses as a means to promote the Development’s competitive edge as compared with established and future competitors.

The overall Development provides a high quality environment with a pleasant spatial experience of winding green boulevard and appealing landscape focal points at roundabouts, whilst maintaining a highly efficient layout structure.

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