Residential Township Development

Thanh Hoa, Vietnam

VinGroup Joint Stock Company
Thanh Hoa, Vietnam
129 ha

Project Description

Thanh Hoa is one of Vietnam’s major growth cities, and TOWNLAND was commissioned by one of Vietnam’s largest Private Developers (VinGroup) to develop a Conceptual Master Plan to capture and facilitate the City’s expansion plans and the intended relocation of its Provincial Government headquarters.

The 129 ha Site is located on what is currently the periphery of the City and has great access via a new major access road into the old City Centre. The Brief called for the development of a primarily landed housing development, supported by neighbourhood commercial and public facilities.

Utilizing the Site’s low-lying and flat (and wet) conditions, and reflecting the strong local heritage and appreciation of “Thang Long” (a local epic Dragon character), the concept developed celebrates the local tradition and creates an integrated public space and water network accessible by all. This water network enables the Development to be resilient and deal with potential increased rainfall and risk of flooding of the Site. It also reduces the initial investment cost for the Developer and creates a higher profile Development. Residential clusters are planned so that most prime units face the waterfront, while smaller units have lesser views. Public amenities, clubhouses and shophouse strips are located at strategic locations and within walking distance of all houses so that pedestrian activity is stimulated.

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