Nav Surat Township

Surat, India

Kalpataru Properties Pvt Limited
Surat, India
1,649 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned by Kalpataru Properties Pvt. Limited to give shape to its Vision for the development of the largest Township in Gujarat. The 1,649 ha Site known as NavSurat, is located on the outskirts of the City, close to the City Airport and the scenic Mindhola River.

The Township Master Plan provides for a wide variety of residential neighbourhoods catering for all income groups, mixed-use shopping areas, a commercial district and an extensive open space network of green parks and waterways. The network of green parks and waterways, together with a large Central Park and Eco-Park, form part of the unique riverside development to drive the image of NavSurat as ‘Gujarat’s Eco-City of the 21st Century’.

With a well balanced mixture of lifestyle, business, entertainment and green recreational uses, NavSurat is set to become the Leisure Destination for people from all over Southern Gujarat.

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