Pangandaraan Integrated Tourism Complex

Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia

PT Pancajaya Makmur Bersama
Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia
200 ha

Project Description

PT Pancajaya Makmur Bersama is planning to invest and develop a ±200 ha Site in Pangandaran, West Java into a new Strategic Special Economic Zone (SEZ) as a Maritime and Coastal Tourism Industry Hub. Inspired by a strong maritime culture and history, and known for beautiful long beaches, Grand Pangandaran is envisioned to revive the glory of Indonesia’s maritime treasures through tourism and development of a marine business & research centre. In doing so, the area is striving to become a new economic and development generator for the southernmost region of West Java.

Following the Vision, Grand Pangandaran is proposed as the new “Kota Pesisir” (Coastal City) that provides visitors with various types of accommodation – ranging from budget hotels and glamping to 5-star resorts, marine and ocean themed entertainment, a lifestyle mall, and a complete experience of local culture and culinary traditions in ‘Bahari Town’ (Mixed Use Area), which is fully pedestrianized and provides easy access to the nearby beach. One of the key features in this Development are the preserved paddy fields which are enhanced with boardwalks and Sundanese themed restaurants, creating a picturesque landscape and creating the new potential tourism hotspot in Pangandaran.

To support and promote local economic development, Grand Pangandaran also provides a ‘Marine Technopark’ that will support research collaboration between multidisciplinary sectors with a focus on Marine Technologies. This will widen opportunities for incubator businesses and start-ups, as well as providing training for local people to develop their skills in the marine industry business. Together, this area is envisioned as a new ‘Pusat Bahari’ (Marine Centre) of West Java that will revive the glory of Indonesia’s maritime treasures.

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