Liuzhou City Mixed Use Commercial Centre

Foshan, PRC

Guangxi Hongde Investment Co. Ltd
Liuzhou City, PRC
17.07 ha
Master Planning and Urban Design

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned by Guangxi Hongde Investment Co. Ltd. to undertake the Conceptual Site Planning for an Integrated Development Project in the Northern Section of Lajin Road, Liujiang County, Liuzhou City, Guangxi. Located on the central axis of Liujiang New Town, this Site is an important Gateway to the New Town from the Old Town.

The Conceptual Site Plan proposes the creation of a new commercial centre for the County, including a variety of land uses such as commercial, office, residential, high-end hotel and cultural centre. Two urban main roads intersect the Site, dividing it into four blocks; within this context, solving the problem of pedestrians walking through various commercial blocks and linking the various developments throughout, was a priority design consideration.

TOWNLAND’s scheme integrates the underground commercial and riverside space and greatly facilitates pedestrian activities by creating a sunken plaza at the four street corners and along the riverside space. In addition to emphasizing the creation of a high-quality commercial atmosphere, the scheme also enhances the protection and utilization of the Jiugu River by creating an ‘Ecological Riverway’.

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