Jatitujuh Aerotropolis

Jatitujuh, West Java, Indonesia.

PT. PP Properti, Tbk
Jatitujuh, West Java, Indonesia
12,000 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

TOWNLAND was appointed by PT PP Properti Tbk. to prepare a Preliminary Conceptual Master Plan, including a Preliminary Feasibility Study to redevelop a ±12,000 ha Site comprising an old sugar factory and plantation in Jatitujuh, West Java. The Preliminary Conceptual Master Plan capitalizes on the Site’s close proximity to the new International BIJB Airport and is envisioned as a Sustainable Aerotropolis development, offering ‘live-work-and-play’ through the provision of diverse Industrial facilities, an integrated and diverse open space network and a range of residential development typologies and commercial and public amenities.

The Jatitujuh Site is planned into two main zones – Industrial and Township – with a clear North-South segregation and a lush green buffer in-between. The diverse Industrial zone has been allocated on lower ground, downwind to the Township zone, to mitigate potential negative environmental impacts as well as visual disturbance from Industrial activities. The Industrial zone will include an Office Park, Light and Heavy Industries, Argo-Industries, Logistics Park, and R&D Facilities.

The Township zone is divided across six districts, and comprises of Mixed-Use, Commercial, Entertainment, Apartment, Landed Residential, Public Facilities, and two sizeable Golf Courses: a 27-hole and an 18-hole facility. The pre-existing sugar factory is also included in the Master Plan to be preserved and refurbished into one of Jatitujuh Township’s iconic attractions. The plan promotes sustainable development through the allocation of significant land parcels for clean energy generation (thru solar plant farm) and sophisticated waste and water management systems.

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