Ciputra Merkarsari Township

Mekarsari, West Java, Indonesia

Ciputra Group
Mekarsari, West Java, Indonesia
187.5 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

Ciputra Mekarsari is a lakeside Residential Project to be developed by Ciputra Group as a luxury residential destination in a natural setting with a comprehensive set of commercial and community infrastructure.

Mekarsari is one of the largest suburban areas in Greater Jakarta with good transportation linkages. Its elevation allows for views to Jakarta and the nearby mountains, while also contributing to a cooler climate. The surroundings are green with pockets of unspoiled forests and mountain streams.

Mekarsari does not have adequate commercial and community facilities. Ciputra Group will correct this shortfall and use the provision of commercial and community facilities as a catalyst for attracting tenants and for contributing to high quality development in the Bogor Regency.

Upon development, the Project will be home to 5,673 families, housed in 6 mega clusters. Each mega cluster will feature parks, gardens, lakes and play areas, whilst overall, the Development will feature Hospitals, a Library, Parks and Schools.

A compact commercial area will consist of a wide range of Commercial uses and an Urban Lifestyle Centre which plays an important role in defining the image of the Development.

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