Greening Master Plans

Hong Kong

Civil Engineering & Development Department
Bumbak, Bali, Indonesia
Hong Kong Wide
Urban & Regional Planning

Project Description

TOWNLAND provided planning inputs to this Greening Master Plan (“GMP”) which sought to define the overall greening framework for Sheung Wan to Causeway Bay and remaining areas of Central and Western District and Southern District by identifying suitable locations for planting together with desirable themes and species. The GMP served as a guide to the future planning, design and implementation of greening works to ensure that consistent results would be obtained.

The Study incorporated both institutional considerations i.e. Planning Mechanisms to achieve Greening Objectives including statutory and non-statutory plans, Guidelines and Practice Notes etc.; as well as specific planning considerations for greening provisions (i.e. planting along public roads, waterfront sites, public realms, streetscapes, land uses and district/site levels).

The Study comprised a detail analysis on Site-specific local landscape character and built-environment contexts in order to identify opportunities and constraints for improvement in greening and landscaping. Key Interface Issues / Considerations of the Major Planned Proposals / Developments / Greening Initiatives within the Area were identified.

Based on the aforesaid planning mechanisms and considerations, a set of planning criteria was developed to assist in examining the feasibility of the greening proposals under the proposed GMP from the landuse planning point of view, including Strengthening of Landuse Compatibility / Intention, Preservation and Enhancement of Urban Character, Enhancement of Pedestrian Environment, Visual Coherence / Complexity, Preservation and Adaptive Re-use of Heritage / Natural Assets and Opportunity to Public Participation.

TOWNLAND’s inputs helped to ensure greening proposals as recommended by the GMP could be implemented under the existing landuse planning framework on a wide-scale.

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