Kharghar Hill Plateau

Navi Mumbai, India

Indiabulls Real Estate Limited
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
150 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned to prepare a Master Plan for the development of a 100 ha Site in the spectacular and unspoiled Kharghar Hill Plateau, as part of a Competition to develop a theme-based, eco-friendly development that will bring World recognition to Navi Mumbai. TOWNLAND’s objective is to elevate the human, social and economic infrastructure in the Region through the creation of a World-class campus as a “Centre of Innovation and Excellence”.

The Centre is proposed to comprise of four main elements, a Centre for Advanced Medical and Biotech Research; a Centre for Education and Continuous Learning; a Centre for Applied Research and Technology; and a community of high end villas and apartments to be set within the surrounding undulating hills. The Campus provides World class facilities for advanced research, education and healthcare that act as a catalyst in transforming Navi Mumbai into ‘The Knowledge City’.

To take full advantage of the Site’s location close to the City with its unspoiled green environment and spectacular views, the Kharghar Hill Plateau is to be developed as a low density, walkable, campus-style development. Design elements such as an organic road layout, pitched roofscapes mimicking the natural landscape and the adherence to the highest standards in eco-friendly design ensure that this Development is a sophisticated, high end Destination unrivalled in the Greater Mumbai Region.

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