Sujalaam Skycity Aerotropolis

Durgapur, West Bengal, India

Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited
Durgapur, West Bengal, India
931 ha
Master Planning and Urban Design

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned as the Land Use and Master Planner for the transformation of the 931 ha Site in the vicinity of Durgapur into a comprehensive “Aerotropolis”, comprising a new Airport, a Mixed Use Township, an Industrial and Logistics Zone, an IT Hub and an Institutional Zone. The Township is planned for 90,000 residents and will have a large variety of housing typologies for people from all social strata, as well as modern supporting facilities that include state-of-the-art educational and medical Institutions, a comprehensive shopping and leisure centre, a theme park and an 18-hole championship golf course.

To ensure the Industrial-Logistics zone doesn’t interfere with the lifestyle qualities of the residential Township, the Aerotropolis was planned by TOWNLAND as two clearly separated entities, bisected by a main vehicular road bringing passengers from the highway straight to the Airport at the far end of the site.  At the heart of the Township will be a Mixed Use Town Center, planned around a Central Park that will become the lively hub of activity for future Skycity residents.

TOWNLAND undertook the Stage 1 Conceptual Master Planning and Stage 2 Detailed Master Planning and Urban Design Guidelines for the Project. The Sujalaam Skycity Airport is operational since 2015. The rest of Sujalaam Skycity is currently under construction.

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