Central Business Area of Huli Technology Park

Xiamen, Fujian Province, PRC

Xiamen City Planning Bureau and Xiamen City, Huli District Government
Xiamen, Fujian Province, PRC
22.37 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

TOWNLAND conducted Planning and Architectural Design for the Central Business Area of Huli Technology Park (22.37 ha), Xiamen, Fujian Province. The Technology Park is located in the northeast of Xiamen Island, with Gaoqi International Airport and the existing Aviation Industrial District to the north, Wuyuan Bay Area to the south, Huoju Guangdian Park to the west and Dunshang Waterfront Residences to the east. The Park is an R&D and Operation Centre. The Central Business Area providing support to the uses in the Technology Park is located at the centre of the Park. The main design concept is inspired by the graceful circular flow of a dancer’s silk sleeves in Traditional Chinese Opera. This form of movement is echoed in the shape and form of the buildings and landscape as they radiate outwards from the central circular space of the Convention Centre which is the Site’s focal point.

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