Singasari Integrated Tourism Complex (SEZ)

Malang, East Java, Indonesia

PT ITDC (Indonesia Tourism
Development Corporation)
Singhasari, Malang, East Java, Indonesia
221 ha

Project Description

ITDC (Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation) and its partner PT Intelegensia Grahatama aspire to benefit from Indonesian Central Government’s policy to use Tourism Development as one of the main economic drivers to grow and support local economies, and its associated incentive programme of development of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) for Tourism Townships. The Project, Singhasari Integrated Tourism Complex (SITC), is proposed as one of these SEZ’s: an Integrated Tourism Destination that promotes historical tourism through interactive visitor parks, and implementation and integration of cutting-edge digital technologies.

Inspired by Singhasari’s relics in the vicinity of the Site and to honour its amazing heritage, SITC will further unearth Singhasari’s history and legacies, and will create a Tourism Destination that revolves around the glory of Singhasari’s Kingdom and what it could bring to further develop Indonesia’s future.

TOWNLAND prepared a Preliminary Conceptual Master Plan for SITC which provides a journey through time and space. This journey is implemented through the development products within the development area. “The Past” is implemented in an entertainment area that will celebrate and showcase the glory of Indonesia’s and Singhasari’s history. “The Present” is reflected by the facilities and functions that enable and support the development of the Tourism Destination, and “the Future” is represented by a Technopark where the future is developed in R&D and co-working spaces.

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