Strategic Special Economic Zone at Tanjung Gunung

Tanjung Gunung, Bangka Belitung Islands, Indonesia

PT PAN Semujur
Tanjung Gunung, Bangka Belitung Islands
385 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

PT PAN Semujur is planning to invest in and develop a ± 385 ha Site in Tanjung Gunung on Bangka Island into a new Strategic Special Economic Zone; a new Integrated Tourism Destination that supports and complements the existing Special Economic Zone on Tanjung Kelayang, Belitung Island. Tanjung Gunung is envisioned as an Integrated Coastal Entertainment and Resort Destination. Maximizing the offerings of the Site conditions and its regional positioning, the envisioned plan proposes a multitude of entertainment facilities, hotels, commercial and residential products that complement the natural and ecological resort offerings that exist on the nearby Belitung Island.

The main development features proposed in the Preliminary Conceptual Master Plan are Entertainment facilities, which include a comprehensive Theme and Water Park, a Wetland Park, an Old Town Garden focused on culture and history and Lifestyle and Festival Beach areas, as well as the Hillcrest Park. A variation of accommodation facilities throughout the Site offer various staying experiences to support the successful development of the Project, and promote repeat visits and longer stay of tourists. The integrated tourism destination also provides commercial facilities, including a MICE & Mall development, as well as Arts & Crafts Market that provides local souvenirs, handicrafts and local foods and beverages as prepared by the local community.

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