Talassa City

Makassar, Indonesia

FKS Land /PT. Parangloe Indah
Makassar, Indonesia
70 ha & 5 ha
Landscape Architecture

Project Description

Tallasa City is located strategically within the City of Makassar in  South Sulawesi, in close proximity to Hasanuddin Airport,  Hasanuddin University and downtown Makassar as well as the well-known Losari Beach. Comprising of 70 hectares, the Project is envisaged as one of the most complete Townships in Makassar, incorporating a diversity of functions, including residential, commercial, industrial and other development types.   As a modern Integrated Township, Tallasa incorporates an engaging blue network, green infrastructure, and human linkages based on Eco-concepts.  The main landscape concept prioritises ecological considerations and preserves the natural environment and incorporates the natural elements of Metal, Light, Plants, Wind and Water as key symbols in each thematic zone.

The two main Gateways into Tallasa at the northern and southern flanks of the Township serve as an important part of the Township’s identity and are designed with Metal Elements as a sign of a new Township which is sturdy and prestigious.

The Township places an emphasis on pedestrian and cycle connectivity and active linear corridors have been designed by TOWNLAND to connect open spaces, residential, commercial and other development components. Plant elements along road corridors are intended to support the Eco theme and to symbolize a dynamic growing Township.  Water Elements are represented by the Tallo River that flanks on the west side of the Township, as well as small rivers that cross the Township leading to the Tallo River.

Various non-active areas consisting of future development and other areas have been designed as public parks incorporating functions such as running and cycling in order to support an active and healthy lifestyle.

Following the overall Labdscape Design, FKS Land subsequently appointed TOWNLAND as the Planning and Design Consultant to undertake Site Planning, Full Landscape Design and Full Architectural Design for a 5 ha Marketing Office complex within Tallassa City.

Three activity zones are created within the complex, namely an Exclusive Commercial Zone, a Carnival Zone and an Adventure Park Zone. A group of commercial buildings is arranged in a linear alignment in the Exclusive Commercial Zone to maximise air circulation and natural lighting on all sides of the buildings. The Buildings are connected by a linear open terrace with an outdoor dining area and flanked by a small stream depicting the flow of the Tallo River, which also serves to enhance the microclimate for visitors.

The Carnival Zone comprises of a Marketing Gallery with rows of culinary stalls arranged dynamically following the curvy form of the pedestrian path along the dining alley around the amphitheater and performance stage, which is the core area and melting pot of this Zone.

The Adventure Park Zone is divided into three sub-zones with various activity pockets including a thematic playground, a maze/lantern/swing garden, flower fields, an area for pony rides and a rabbit town. They are bound by a pedestrian path which becomes the backbone of visitor movement and features a rain-garden absorption area which serves as an ecological function.

TOWNLAND’s Architectural Design features buildings with a modern and light appearance which are cost-effective, practical to construct and, most importantly, which integrate well with the surrounding landscape.

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