Planning for Pedestrians

Hong Kong

Planning Department
Hong Kong
Territory Wide
Policy Formulation and Development Standards

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned to undertake a territory-wide Pedestrian Planning Study to create a broad planning and development framework which sets out the principles, concepts, standards and guidelines for pedestrian planning across Hong Kong.

Based on case studies of International Cities in the US, Europe and Asia, and a comprehensive analysis of pedestrian environments throughout Hong Kong, a 3-tiered strategy for pedestrian planning was proposed based around 4 principles including: Linkage; Safety; Accessibility and Comfort; and Attractiveness and Vibrancy. The findings form part of Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines on pedestrian planning.

A total of 13 focus areas ranging from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island were assessed on the problems and opportunities for pedestrian enhancement. Subsequently, Concept Plans were prepared for 4 Action Areas including Causeway Bay, Central District, Kwun Tong and Tai Po Market. Recommendations were  made for the identification of major nodes, activity areas and corridors of pedestrian activity, the role of traffic and transport in these areas, land use planning controls and guidelines for pedestrian provision, urban design, landscape and aesthetic considerations, environmental considerations and the institutional framework required to implement new initiatives.

Broad Impact Assessments were also conducted to ensure the viability of projects and that the proposed Pedestrian Plans could be implemented by means of existing mechanisms. Implementation measures including various planning tools, tapping into private resources and street management were recommended.

The Study demonstrates the capability and expertise of TOWNLAND in enhancing urban walkability, with comprehensive knowledge in local planning mechanisms to ensure the implementation of innovative ideas within the existing institutional frameworks.

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