Mumbai Port Waterfront Redevelopment

Mumbai, India

Mumbai Port Trust
Mumbai, India
500 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

TOWNLAND in association with Tata Consulting Engineers was shortlisted as one of 5 finalists to participate in the Tender Bid for the Detailed Master Planning of the soon to be redeveloped Mumbai Port Waterfront. As a central Master Plan Theme for the redevelopment of the Mumbai Port Complex, TOWNLAND selected “The Connected City”. Mumbai should be better ‘connected’ in many ways to become the World Class City it wants to be, spatially, socio-economically and virtually. The opportunity to redevelop the entire Mumbai Port Complex and to open the City to its harbour front will change the identity of the entire City and its potential impact for the City’s residents can not be underestimated.

TOWNLAND’s Master Plan Vision revolved around the concept of creating a large variation in Waterfront identities, both for the built environment and the public open spaces, catering to people from all socio-economic strata. TOWNLAND has suggested that with the unique opportunity to Master Plan such a large scale and prominent part of the central City a Detailed Building Height Plan would be an appropriate tool to create a coherent Urban Design. By allowing only spatially appropriate building densities and building heights based on land use, location, transit accessibility, open space and vista corridors, a truly Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and Pedestrian Friendly Environment can be achieved.

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