Kharghar Corporate Park

Navi Mumbai, India

CIDCO (City and Industrial Development Corporation)
Navi Mumbai, India
140 ha
Master Planning & Urban Design

Project Description

In 2018 TOWNLAND won as part of a consortium an International Competition by CIDCO for the design of Kharghar Corporate Park (140 ha) in Navi Mumbai. TOWNLAND’s Master Plan Concept from the Competition was carried through in the detailed master planning stages that followed, which stands out by its strong focus on Transit Oriented Development, Pedestrian Movement, and a Sustainable and Outdoor Lifestyle.

The strategic location and scale of Kharghar Corporate Park (KCP), allows for its development to be not like any another Business Park, but to be treated as the new “Heart of the City”: a vibrant City Center for Navi Mumbai, that embodies the international planning standards of today to create a truly sustainable mixed use urban environment to ‘live, work and play’. The holistic approach to its planning and design and extensive mixture of commercial, civic and leisure facilities with a substantial residential component will make KCP a Destination for people from all over Navi Mumbai and beyond.

Navi Mumbai desperately needs more pedestrian friendly, outdoor urban destinations that provide ample safe space for pedestrian circulation and at the same time a wide choice of retail, leisure and food & beverage options to enjoy. It’s only appropriate therefor that the central Mixed Use District is planned around a network of Pedestrian Only streets with at its core a large oval shaped City Plaza, that will give KCP a truly vibrant city heart.

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