Trade Tower and Business District

Hyderabad, India

Reliance Energy Limited
Hyderabad, India
36.42 ha
Master Planning And Architecture

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned to design the Conceptual Master Plan for a 30 ha Business District and to do the Concept Architecture for the prestigious 100 storey Trade Tower in Hyderabad, India. TOWNLAND’s design was sucessful in a Government Tender, thereby ensuring that CLIENT was awarded the Development Site.

The location of the Skyscraper was carefully chosen to be in the south west corner of the Site, the most auspicious area according to the ancient principles of Vastu. The rugged natural environment of the Site, with large exposed rocks and boulders and the adjacent Musi River, are reflected in the naturally flowing road layout and building alignments and give the design an almost fluid character, despite the sizeable footprint of the buildings. The 100 storey Trade Tower sits in an oval shaped plaza lined by a curved ring of 15-30 storey towers that sufficiently embrace the sizeable square and counterbalance the size of the Skyscraper, while the slenderness of the buildings allows for permeability such that views are not obstructed.

The 100 storey Skyscraper not only enriches the skyline of Hyderabad with a new Landmark, but has the potential to become a modern symbol for the new economic power of India. The design of the Trade Tower therefore reflects the Indian identity and stands out from any other skyscraper in the World. The circular shape of the Ashoka Chakra has formed the starting point for the design concept of the Trade Tower as a tubular form. The spokes of the wheel were translated into a radial configuration of the floor plates of the Tower. In addition, the distinctive geometric pattern of the external steel framework gives the facade a typical Indian flavour.

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