Ammi Hotel Uluwatu

Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

PT. Indo Karya Teknik
Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia
3.4 ha
2015 & 2016
Architecture & Landscape Architecture
IP379 & IP379/3

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned by PT Indo Karya Teknik to prepare Architectural Design for the Ammi Hotel in Uluwatu, Bali located on the South-Western tip of the Bukit Peninsula in Bali. TOWNLAND’s services include Conceptual and Schematic Architectural Design, Architectural Design Development and preparation of Tender Drawings and Implementation Specifications.  In addition, TOWNLAND was commissioned to prepare Landscape Design for the Project.

Although the Site doesn’t have a direct access to the beach, it has views over beautiful scenery. Located above a rocky hilltop, Sadiya displays the essence of Bali inside a compound through the design of its architecture and landscape elements.

The creation of a Balinese Village is the key design idea for the architecture of the buildings as well as for the overall landscape design. The luxurious Beach Pool and the exotic Swimming Pond in the middle of the compound are designed for the guests who want to enjoy a beach lifestyle, even though they are staying on a rocky hilltop. A strong axis is formed from the drop off area to the ‘Kul-Kul’ tower and becomes one of the main focal points of the spatial arrangements within the compound. Beautiful paddy fields can be seen from the drop off area, which is terraced down to the pool with gazebos along a footpath in between the fields. A private Lagoon Pool is also designed for buyers who need total privacy and seclusion. Lush tropical landscape elements strengthen the feeling of a Balinese Village throughout the Project.

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