Wellness Resort & Lifestyle Community

Hezhou, Guangxi, P.R. China

Hezhou, Guangxi, P.R. China
91.3 ha

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned to prepare a Preliminary Conceptual Master Plan for a Wellness Resort and Lifestyle Community on two parcels of land at Guposhan near Hezhou, Guangxi, P.R. China. The Site is located in the north-eastern area of Hezhou City and comprises 51.02 ha of land on the Hillside at “Fengmuping” and containing at least one Hot Spring Eye and 40.28 ha on flat land below at “Longdongkou” at the Core within an area of 2 km2 of land identified for development in the Government’s Master Plan for the Guposhan Area.

With the goal of creating a Wellness Resort and Lifestyle Community which will add to the attractiveness of Hezhou and its surroundings as a competitive destination, the objectives of this Project are to create a development which: leverages on the brand name of Hezhou as a “Longevity City” through the introduction of Resort Hotel and Living opportunities focused on the concepts of Health and Wellness; incorporates a diversity of land uses – including tourism and living-related uses which are quality-oriented and uses which provide the daily needs of residents, such as commercial development, to create a vibrant, year-round destination which will appeal to local,regional and international tourists and which will attract higher spending and longer staying tourists to the City; and contributes strongly to the Development of the Economy: by providing more job opportunities and promoting the growth of the tertiary industry in Hezhou.

The Project is envisaged as an integrated development with hotel, living, leisure and entertainment amenities housed within one managed resort destination. This Integrated Resort will be competitive nationally and internationally in terms of providing quality accommodation, high service standards and a diverse range of attractions.

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