Chemical Plant Redevelopment

Dalian, Liaoning Province, PRC

Dalian Municipality
Dalian, Liaoning Province, PRC
360 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

TOWNLAND was invited to participate in a Competition in association with DTZ (Real Estate Consultants) to prepare the Conceptual Master Layout Plan for the Dalian Chemical Plant Redevelopment (360 ha) in Liaoning Province, PRC. The Project will provide a catalyst for the strategic redevelopment of a traditional industrial area into an important International City in North-East Asia.

The Master Layout Plan envisages the transformation of an area of approximately 360 ha, into a place for contemporary living with a wide range of residential, commercial, business, tourism and social/community activities. Together, these uses form a contained Centre which will integrate with the future transformation of the surrounding industrial land. The foreshore has been carefully considered to create an active space for residents and visitors, reflecting its prime location while maintaining a sense of history for the Site.

Embracing a philosophy of sustainability and viability, the redevelopment of Dalian represents a critical next step in the transformation of this waterfront district into a truly International City.

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