Ciheulang Residence

Bandung, Indonesia

PT. Cipta Agung Sentosa
Ciheulang, Bandung, Indonesia
±8.3 ha
Master Planning & Urban Design

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned by PT. Cipta Agung Sentosa to prepare a Preliminary Conceptual Master Plan for ±8.3 ha of land in Ciheulang, Bandung as a new Residential Development, supported by a neighbourhood-scale Commercial Development. The Site is located on undeveloped greenfield land, surrounded by dense settlements.

Ciheulang Residence is envisioned as a compact neighbourhood with a green and attractive environment. The Residential Estate provides a centralised facility at the heart of the Development comprising of a Mosque & Retail Kiosks adjacent to the Entrance Gateway and a Central Clubhouse & Marketing Gallery at the end of the Estate’s main boulevard axis, creating a termination point which defines a clear transition between the public and private spaces in the Development.

The Residential Estate comprises of 419 housing units spread across 5 clusters. All houses are within walking distance and interconnected through a continuous green loop corridor to the Central Clubhouse and Lake Park which is the Neighbourhood’s communal hub located at the centre of this Residential Estate. The Central Lake Park features various sports facilities, a playground, and seating pockets where residents can enjoy the outdoors for exercise and play, as well as to relax and spend leisure time with family and friends in a lush green open space.

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