Affordable Housing Master Planning Concepts


OS Infra

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned to develop a new Planning and Design approach for the development of Affordable Housing Typologies in India. Most current Affordable Housing developments tend to lack any sense of Lifestyle and spatial quality in the pursuit to minimize the costs of the development. TOWNLAND’s strategy was to create an Integral Modular Design on three levels: (i) building footprint scale, (ii) building block scale and (iii) neighborhood scale, for both the built and un-built environment. Inspired by organically grown cities and neighborhoods and taking their universal characteristics of sense of  Identity, programmatic Flexibility, Land Use Efficiency and sense of Community on board to be applied to large scale planned developments like Affordable Housing Developments. This integral approach creates the densities required to be cost-effective whilst not losing out on the human scale, walkability, social safety and overall quality of life of the Affordable Housing Neighborhoods.

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