Shangfang Mountain National Forest Park

Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, PRC

Suzhou Gardens and Greening Administration Bureau
Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, PRC
224.86 ha
Landscape Architecture

Project Description

TOWNLAND in association with Suzhou Zhuyuan Landscape Planning & Design Co Limited participated in an International Competition to prepare Master Planning and Landscape Design for the Shangfang Mountain National Forest Park and its surroundings in Suzhou.

Key elements in the design include: (i) Botanical Gardens – based around the setting of the National Forest Park and focusing on the display of Suzhou’s indigenous plant species. The Botanical Gardens include a Miniature Garden Museum; a large Ornamental Greenhouse & Scientific Research Centre; Garden Flower Research and Cultivation Areas; and Cultural Exhibition Areas; (ii) A World Class Zoo – designed around a desire to recreate the natural habitat of a variety of animals with barrier free vision into the enclosures. The Zoo includes buildings for Scientific Research, a Veterinary Hospital, Rearing and Breeding Facilities, Restaurants and Shops and a comprehensive Animal Logistics Section; (iii) An Amusement Park showcasing diverse animal and plant sight-seeing content focused around an ecological, novel and participatory approach; and (iv) Supporting Commercial Development – along the waterfront based around a building form reminiscent of a typical Yangtze River Delta Watertown.

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