Ragunan Zoo Revitalisation

Jakarta, Indonesia

Government of Jakarta
Jakarta, Indonesia
147 ha
Master Planning, Landscape Architecture

Project Description

Since it opened officially in 1966, Ragunan Zoo has been a popular attraction for Jakarta’s Citizens, providing a nature-based recreational and educational area. Spread over 147 ha, it is one of the largest zoos in the World and plays an important role as a green open space, providing a green buffer for the lower areas of the City of Jakarta.

Due to its strategic importance, the Government of Jakarta held a Design Competition with the aim of revitalising the Zoo to enhance its facilities towards the creation of a World Class Zoo which will take pride of place in the City. The Competition required each participant to present ideas, not only in relation to the design aspects, but also in relation to various integrated aspects of zoo management, including animal conservation, ecology, landscape, transportation, graphics and financial feasibility to ensure that the Zoo is sustainable in the long term.

TOWNLAND enthusiastically participated in the Competition and collaborated with various specialists in developing a design focused on conservation, education and People. Our Design was selected as one of the top six finalists and we were given the opportunity to present our ideas and concepts to the Jury and to the Governor of Jakarta at the final stage. Even though not selected as the Winner, we are pleased to have been selected as a Finalist out of more than 40 Teams who submitted entries for the Competition.

Our Design focused on a holistic approach which establishes an Integrated Wildlife Habitat and City Park with a rich diversity and mix of vibrant uses which will improve the quality of life for animals and plants, will provide for a variety of open space functions for Jakarta’s Residents and will contribute to flood control in the City. Creating a recreation area which can educate Visitors was the fundamental driving concept of our design.

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