Puncak Resort

Puncak Bogor Regency, West Java, Indonesia

Mr.Fouad Al-Nomani
Puncak Bogor Regency, West Java, Indonesia
2 ha
Master Planning

Project Description

Puncak Resort, located in Bogor Regency, West Java, Indonesia, is planned as a Villa and Hotel Suite Destination. It comprises 2 ha of land with approximately 14,000 sq m GFA. The Land Uses are categorized into 4 main typologies: Retail Shophouses (Ruko), Hotel, Villa and Resort Gardens.

Puncak Resort has 101 Hotel Rooms, 15 Private Villas and 12 Retail Shophouses (Ruko). There are 2 types of Hotel Rooms: Deluxe at 32 sq m and Suites at 48 sq m. There are also 2 types of flexible Private Villas: Small Flexible Villas with a lot size of 252 sq m and Large Flexible Villas with a lot size of 540 sq m. The Villas have valley, mountain and garden views. The Retail Shophouses (Ruko) are 2 storey buildings with a Gross Floor Area of 150 sq m each.

The design concept of the Development offers unique experiences and extravagant resort ambiences, for both domestic and international tourists. Picturesque spatial experiences have been developed with various themes for the development products including a Middle-Eastern atmosphere for the Retail Shophouses (Ruko) and Hotel area, a lush Tropical ambience within the Resort garden, and a green Modern feeling for the Private Villas.

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