PIK II Modern Waterfront Lifestyle City

Jakarta, Indonesia

PT. Kukuh Mandiri Lestari (a subsidiary of Agung Sedayu Group)
Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
900 ha
2014 & 2017
Master Planning & Landscape Architecture
IP263, IP263/5 & IP263/7

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned to prepare a Conceptual Master Plan for a Township development which was a part of a comprehensive mega scale development in northern Greater Jakarta.

The development concept proposes a unique structure with a strong high-density CBD at the centre overlooking a 3 kilometre long Central Park bisected by a major river. A lively and attractive waterfront open air lifestyle centre terminates the major park. Two meandering canal systems are proposed to enliven the development which maximises the waterfront for canal view type housing. Dedicated bicycle paths are also incorporated into the Plan offering residents and visitors exciting cycling experiences which promote a healthy lifestyle and more sustainable living.

In 2016, in response to changing market conditions, TOWNLAND was asked to review and revise the Conceptual Master Plan to accommodate a renewed demand for commercial development plots. TOWNLAND worked in close collaboration with engineers, traffic consultants and Client to review and revise the Conceptual Master Plan. Key features and principles contained in the original Conceptual Master Plan, including minimal interruption of the 4km long Central Park, an integrated green and blue network, pedestrian oriented development and public transport systems where further optimized and enhanced. The Preliminary Conceptual Land Use Plan was further diversified from what was originally a primarily suburban and low-rise residential development, to contain a range of commercial, mixed-use and residential developments, including waterfront highrise apartment complexes, integrated public amenities, as well as large ‘big box’ commercial developments.

After completing the Conceptual Master Plan, TOWNLAND was commissioned to prepare Conceptual Landscape Planning and Landscape Design Guidelines for the Development.  The Landscape Design Guidelines are prepared as a control measure to ensure that the implementation of the landscape works within the new Waterfront City will adhere to the key landscape concept for the Development – which features an Iconic Township Scale Landscape, Wide-Open-Integrated Cycle and Pedestrian Walkways, Continuous Open Space Linkages and Zone Based Landscape Character.

Each Zone is distinguished into different themes, inspired by the luxury of gemstones, which is translated into the overall ambiance and landscape elements in synergy with each gem stones character. The districts and parcels within each Zone also convey the identity of its Zone, through the arrangement of the landscape spaces, transitions and also through the careful selection of landscape elements and materials.

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