Landscape Design along Shishan Road

Suzhou, PRC

Suzhou Urban Planning Bureau, Suzhou New District Sub-Bureau
Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China
24.3 ha
Landscape Architecture

Project Description

TOWNLAND participated in an International Design Competition to prepare Landscape Design along Shishan Road in Suzhou New District, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China. The Scope of Work comprises the design for road pavements, landscape greenbelts, signage systems, street furniture, commercial advertisement spaces, landscape sculptures and furniture, facade reconstruction and design for municipal facilities (i.e. bus stops, bicycle parking facilities, accessory boxes and pavilions etc).

TOWNLAND’s design envisaged Shishan Road as the “Window of Suzhou”, where one can glimpse the dynamic transformation of the City from its ancient past to its modern present and future. Shishan Road will become an iconic spine within the City, which showcases well-integrated urban functions and state of the art landscape architecture.

Three Thematic Zones were created. The first, “Windows of the Future” covers the main business, office and finance zone along Shishan Road and features outdoor social gathering spaces, abstract sculpture and modern landscape design. The second “Street of Magic” is the busiest and most dynamic part of Shishan Road and will feature dynamic lighting, Japanese-style gardens, public art, a performance plaza and a music fountain. The Third “The Road of Inspiration” is envisaged as the fashionable section of Shishan Road and will feature modern architecture, open-air dining areas, a city gallery, an art corner, an outdoor theatre, light shows and a tree maze.

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