Foshan City Historic Quarter Redevelopment Strategy

Foshan, PRC

Foshan Land & Resources and Urban & Rural Planning Office
Foshan, P.R. China
265 ha
Master Planning and Urban Design

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned to prepare an Urban Design Strategy and Improvement Plan for the historical and cultural district of Foshan City. Based on the concept of One Axis (“focused on Historical and Cultural Features”), Two Belts (Urban Water & Green Corridor Systems), and Two Modules (Green Living & Ancient Town Tourism), the strategy reconnects a City once divided by motorways and encourages people to travel on foot or by public transportation.

The strategy restores much of the urban splendour and style of the Lingnan Water Village and enhances the surrounding urban experience by better integrating key tourism assets with major public spaces, residential areas, and commercial streets. Residential waterfront properties are concentrated within the Green Living Module, while the Ancient Town Tourism Module blends the historical and cultural resources of the historic Lingnan Water Village with modern urban features. To help preserve the Old City and decrease the number of external vehicles entering it, underground parking lots are strategically positioned at key urban gateways and directly connected to public transportation stations, thus reducing reliance on the private automobile.

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