Eiger Adventure Land

Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, West Java, Indonesia

PT. Eigerindo Multi Produk Industri
Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, West Java, Indonesia
31 ha
Landscape Architecture
IP739 & IP739/2

Project Description

Eiger, as a well-known brand providing outdoor activity equipment for Tropical Adventures, is now expanding its business by developing an eco-tourism destination called Eiger Adventure Land (EAL). EAL is located at the foot of Mount Gede Pangrango in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Spanning over 325.89ha of land, it consists of Land Use Rights (HGU) owned by PTPN VIII covering an area of 72.23ha through a Cooperation Agreement (PKS), and the Barubolang Utilization Zone of Mount Gede Pangrango National Park covering an area of 253.66ha through a Business Permit for the Concession of Tourism Environmental Services in Nature Conservation Areas (PBSWA).

EAL is envisioned as an international standard Eco-tourism Destination that contributes to nature conservation, supports local cultural preservation, improves community welfare and empowerment, enhances the attractiveness of Mount Gede Pangrango National Park and encourages regional economic growth. Several iconic landmarks will be developed within EAL, including an 863 meter Cable car, a 530 meter Suspension Bridge that will become the longest suspension bridge in the World, as well as various tourism facilities including a Forest Adventure Zone, a Cultural Walk, an Adventure Playground, a Traditional Village, a diversity of nature-oriented Accommodation and activities related to Wellness and Sanctuary, Hiking, and Camping.

Inspired by the strong Vision for the development, TOWNLAND was commissioned as the Landscape Architect for EAL and was responsible for developing the ecologically conscious design approach, which integrates the preservation of the amazingly beautiful surrounding nature with the planting of the new endemic trees and trees with high social-cultural value within the Indonesian community. The natural environment of Mount Gede Pangrango is the main attraction of the Site and will be preserved. The Project showcases the richness of Indonesia and specifically Mount Gede Pangrango’s native flora and fauna and blends in harmony with environmentally friendly activities for all ages, which aims to become a National icon for nature-based tourism in Indonesia.

EAL is planned to open to the public in 2023. The ground-breaking ceremony was carried out on the 17th of October 2021 and was attended by Mr. Sandiaga Uno – the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Ronny Lukito – the CEO of PT. Eigerindo MPI, Mr. Imanuel Wirajaya – the Director of EAL, Mr. Iwan Setiawan – the Deputy Regent of Bogor Regency and other State Officials along with local leaders and communities.

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