Panjibuwono City Bekasi

West Java, Indonesia

PT. Alamindo Trulynusa
Panjibuwono City, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia
134 ha
Master Planning & Urban Design

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned by PT. Alamindo Trulynusa to prepare a Preliminary Conceptual Master Plan for ±134 ha of land to explore development opportunities and efficiencies for the redevelopment of the existing, partially developed Panjibuwono City in northern Bekasi City, West Java.

The Project is envisioned to achieve harmonious living within a green-environment in the heart of a rapidly growing urban development. The Site provides the opportunity for a new sustainable Township which adopts water-sensitive urban design and incorporates green spines to connect various clusters. Some 24 residential clusters are supplemented by thematic garden pockets and a Clubhouse to support residents of the Project. The landscape comprises of leafy shrubs and dense thematic trees which feature along main roads and green spines to achieve an enchanting meadow like scenery with an emphasis on the lakeside area.

Major commercial and mixed-uses are concentrated in the Central Lake CBD District, which comprises of a combination of open-air waterfront dining and retail outlets. This CBD will become the signature branding element for the Porject. The planned toll road adjacent to the Site will boost the economic value of the land with a visual frontage to the CBD area.

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