SEZ MNC Lido City

Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia

PT. MNC Lido Land and PT. MNC Indonesia Realti
Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia
Master Planning

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned by PT. MNC Lido Land and PT. MNC Indonesia Realti for the development of a Master Plan for a ±159 ha Mixed Use development and Site Planning for a ±21 ha “Movie Land” production and entertainment facility within the MNC Lido City (3,450 ha) located in Lido, Bogor.

The undulating Project Site is located in the heart of Phase 1 of MNC Lido City, with direct access to the MNC Theme Park as well as the future Trump Residential development. The envisioned Master Plan includes a range of development products, including an Office and Institutional Complex, a Music Festival Park, ‘Gardens of The World’, Mid-to-High-end Residential, as well as Movieland. The latter in particular is envisioned as the biggest Film Production complex in South East Asia.

The Master Plan is characterized by a central Green Spine that provides alternative direct access to many of its facilities. This spine offers hiking tracks, access to water bodies and a 35 ha thematic ‘garden’, as well as direct access to MNC Theme Park and Music Festival area – which features a 5 ha open space for events such as Concerts and Arts Performances. A diversity of accommodation choices offers future residents, workers and visitors the most comfortable place to live, work and play.

The Project provides an entirely new and unique offering of activities within the Greater Jakarta Area, and is envisioned to become the destination for entertainment for residents, workers and visitors alike, looking for a one-stop destination to experience all that Greater Jakarta Area has to offer: a green environment, World-class festivals, Asia’s “Hollywood”, and high quality facilities and working spaces. The Master Plan sets out a pedestrian friendly environment, providing a human-scale and a lively and animated Development.

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