Cengkareng Residential Development

Cengkareng, Indonesia

PT. Agung Sedayu Group
Cengkareng, Indonesia
21 ha
Master Planning & Urban Design

Project Description

TOWNLAND was commissioned by PT. Agung Sedayu Group to undertake Site Planning for a 21 ha Site at Cengkareng, West Jakarta. The main objective of the Site Planning is to create a quality residential development in a relatively high density urban area. The development will provide a residential environment to cater to a high end market.

The Development Scheme offers a distinctive urban arrangement with the main Boulevard feature creating a “sense of arrival” and “sense of place” and ample green open spaces embellishing the individual residential neighbourhoods within the Development. To soften the appearance of the built form, there is a strong emphasis on the “organic” created by the curved form of the Boulevard leading to the hub of the Site, which comprises a Community Park, Lake and exclusive Club House.

The Community Park has a striking golf theme to set this Residential Community apart from others in the area and to enhance its attraction. Mini Golf Facilities are provided and the landscape features resemble fairways and sand pits for a distinctive style.

Also of note are the shop houses which flank the Site’s boundaries to the west and south with ready public access and good visibility from the arterial and collector roads to enhance their attraction and economic viability. Within the Site, the individual residential neighbourhoods also enjoy greater privacy and a buffer from traffic pollution as a result.

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