Institutional Development & Training

TOWNLAND is a leader in institutional development planning and development programming. Both in Hong Kong and as part of our regional workload, TOWNLAND has been instrumental in recommending appropriate organisational frameworks to secure implementation of a wide variety of plans and proposals. The Company also has extensive experience of implementation mechanisms (i.e. legislative and administrative tools and financial incentives) as enabling devices to achieve on-ground action and of development programming in complex situations. Capacity building forms a key part of this enabling exercise.

The Company is well equipped with the expertise and resources to provide training in a number of formats and environments, be it study tours, in-house advisers/ trainers, secondments, lectures, etc. For example, as part of ADB sponsored Technical Assistance projects in Fiji and Tuvalu and the Caltex sponsored Riau Province Provincial Master Plan (2020), TOWNLAND has provided professional staff training to improve the multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills of local Government officials and professionals. TOWNLAND has also provided training to staff in the Hong Kong Government Planning Department on the operation and implementation of a computerised industrial land requirement forecasting system.

  • Staff Empowerment
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Implementation Mechanisms
  • Formulation of Organisational Frameworks
  • Capacity Building
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