Three Lakes Ecological Urban Cluster - P.R. China
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Three Lakes Ecological Urban Cluster - P.R. China

A 3,300 km2 Strategic Development Plan for Yuxi

TOWNLAND formulated a Strategic Development Plan for the “Three Lakes” Ecological Urban Cluster in Yuxi, Yunnan Province with respect to its natural environment, economic development, rural development and urbanization process. When tapping these natural resources, it was identified that the City should strike a balance between conservation and development so that it would ultimately become both a growth point in the regional economy and a characteristic scenic spot.  With prudent urban planning strategies and a farsighted developmental goal, the City can well be developed as one of the most habitable business centres in China.

The Planning Area covers 3,300 km2 with 105 km2 of urbanized area.  TOWNLAND has supplemented and refined the previous land use plan of the Planning Area by reviewing the direction of Yuxi’s economic, spatial and social development.  New development concepts,such as high-value agriculture,R&Dandconsolidated tourism development were proposed based on an investigation of international cases.  JOINT WINNING ENTRY.

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    Yuxi, Yunnan Province, P.R. China

    Yuxi City Planning Bureau

    3,300 sqkm

    Completed 2004

    Strategic Planning, Master Planning, Urban Design