Ecological Tourism Area Dalong Mountain - P.R. China
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Windy landscape
Ecological Tourism Area Dalong Mountain - P.R. China
Windy landscape
Ecological Tourism Area Dalong Mountain - P.R. China

An Internationally Recognized Leisure, Ecotourism, Recreation and Wellness Resort

TOWNLAND was commissioned by a Private Developer to undertake a Planning and Urban Design Study for the Ecological Tourism Area of Dalong Mountain, in Anhui Province, P.R. China. The Project focuses on three Sites in the Dalong Mountain Region, that are intended to form the hub of a network of tourist attractions in the region. 

Development on the first (Gold Coast) Site (568 ha) is proposed to be oriented predominantly to that of a mixed-use tourism centre and is intended to provide a diversity of tourist and visitor services focused around (i) a golf course which is framed by low-density housing and condominium development; and (ii) a Multi-Functional Higher Education Campus & Sports Area.  To the east, the Site is framed by a new Town Centre (Yangqiao Town).

Development on the second (Sundowner Island) Site (55.95 ha), is proposed to be oriented towards the creation of an internationally recognized leisure, ecotourism, recreation and wellness resort, providing high quality and high end amenities.  The protection of natural scenery and integration of development on this island was recognized as being of the utmost importance.  All development is therefore proposed to be elevated on stilts above the natural ecosystem, both on dry land and on wetland.  This has provided an opportunity for people to experience a natural habitat first hand and will ensure the least possible impact of the ecosystems on the island.

The 71.3 ha Sunrise Residences site is envisaged as a prestigious and environmentally sensitive up-market residential development.  Development of this Site is proposed to feature ecologically green and sensitive multi-storey apartments and villas with a high greening rate (39%) and oriented to take maximum advantage of the Shitang Lake frontage. 

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    Anqing, Anhui Province, P.R. China

    Anqing Jia Jun Travel Development Co Ltd.

    410 ha

    Completed 2003

    Master Planning, Urban Design, Urban and Regional Planning, Landscape Design