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  • Offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen - Peoples Republic of China, Mumbai - India and Jakarta - Indonesia in recognition of our long term commitment to working in the region. Associated offices in the United Kingdom and Middle East.
  • International project experience in planning and design throughout Asia, the South Pacific and Atlantic regions with services provided to government, development agency and private sector clients in Hong Kong, P.R China, India, Indonesia, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, S. Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Poland, Tunisia, the Maldives, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tuvalu and Cape Verde.
  • Strong local and international staff resources in urban and regional planning, master planning, urban design, architecture, landscape design and social development with highly skilled professional staff and a full range of technical and support staff.
  • Excellent relationships with industry leading consulting companies in the region that can be hand picked for their unique qualifications for a certain task (i.e. engineering, transport planning, institutional setup, etc).
  • Experience in a wide variety of project types from site specific to region wide within our scope of consulting services.
  • A proven track record as highly experienced project managers heading multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Been awarded numerous planning and design awards in the region.
  • Maintained ISO 9001:2008 certification (HKQAA) and is accredited by International HKAS/UKAS ensuring quality on all of our projects.
  • Impeccable credentials, for example in P.R. China awarded a national "Foreign-Invested Enterprise Urban Planning Service Qualification Certificate".


An Award Winning Multi-disciplinary Planning & Design Consultancy

TOWNLAND is an award winning international, multi-disciplinary planning and design consultancy providing professional services in the areas of Urban and Regional Planning, Development Consultancy, Master Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape Design and Social Development to Governments, the Private Sector, Institutions and Development Agencies throughout the Asia Pacific.  Founded in Hong Kong (Headquarters) in 1985 and with over  3,000 projects undertaken Internationally since establishment, the Firm is recognised as one of the leading planning and design consultancies in the region. TOWNLAND has successfully managed and delivered projects throughout Asia, the South Pacific, Africa and Europe. Our wide working experience provides us with knowledge and expertise in solving complex and sensitive planning and design issues.

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